We in the world 2019

The Instituto Galego de Análise e Documentación Internacional (IGADI) is an independent think tank, founded in 1991 with a two-fold purpose: to reflect upon the problems and trends present in contemporary international society and to promote the greater international incorporation of Galicia at all levels.

Directed by Daniel Gonzalez Palau, Nós no mundo (We in the World) is a reflective report of annual regularity around the Galician external action, which pays special attention to what happened in the present year at certain levels, The most outstanding thematic projections for the next and next years. The Us In the World is one of IGADI’s regular reference publications since 2010.

XOSE CARLOS MORELL article opens a reflection on the Galician Law named Lei Paz Andrade, approved afther his speech on 2014 whose goal is to deep links of Galicia with the lusofonia, the community of countries and regions who also speak portuguese.

You can download it here.

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